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Grammar tip #4

It has been a long time since I posted grammar tips suggested by Mr. Marimo! Since the last post, he has moved to Magnolia and picked up a new friend -- that's the fuzzy guy in the neighboring glass container with the algae-tinted water. We'll come up with a name for him later. Today's tip is the difference between pour and pore. I was editing recently and the author correctly used the word pore. But, I always thought it made sense to say one "poured" over a book -- as if you were pouring your attention on to something -- sounds lovely, yes? So, I double-checked this word for myself. To summarize, pore can mean a very tiny opening or it can mean to scrutinize something or even to meditate upon it with great intensity. For example, in the above photograph, Pig pores over the problem of how to pour fresh water into fuzzy guy's container.

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