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Grammar tip #3

Today, Mr. Marimo invites you to eat a "doughnut" or two or three . . . . These can be found at Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts & Coffee here in Seattle or at any Krispy Kreme Doughnuts all over the world! If you are in the mood for a "donut," you can pick one up at Dunkin' Donuts. So, who spells this "small, usually ring-shaped cake fried in fat" correctly? Actually, both spellings are acceptable with "donut" gaining ground though it is the less preferred and therefore less correct spelling in dictionaries and most places where writing is edited like newspapers or magazines, but not necessarily on blogs or on signs of national doughnut chains. In fact, "donut" is becoming more acceptable due to the popularity of Dunkin' Donuts and because it is a quicker spelling. In time, if more and more people "vote" for this usage by including it in their writing, it may become the more accepted spelling in dictionaries. If this is cause for concern, please! . . . have another doughnut!

This post is dedicated to my courageous and fun blogging client, Lola Guerrero!

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